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SEO vs PPC Comparison

Below is the comparison of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click)



 SEO and PPC


You may need SEO if  you want….


Higher ROI
Although SEO might take longer time to show results than PPC, the cost for SEO is lower compare to PPC in long run if you target the popular keywords. So generally the ROI is higher.


Money Back Guaranteed
Most of the SEO companies in Malaysia provide money back guarantee if the ranking is not achieved. This is certainly an insurance to the clients.


Organic get more attention
According to studies, organic rankings produce more traffic than PPC ads on the same phrases because some users choose not to click on sponsored links. Interestingly, trust is associated with companies that rank well organically because it is seen as something that is difficult to achieve.


To stay out of bidding wars
Unlike PPC, you don’t need to worry about the keyword bidding wars that occur with PPC.


To prevent Click Frauds /Wastes
According to a survey ,  at least 20% of the clicks on the PPC is not genuine. Meaning that out of the 10 visitors who click the Sponsor Links to visit your website, there are at least 2 visitors are not genuine. Worsely, you have paid the money for them to come. 




You may need PPC if ….


You need it now !
One of the biggest advantages of PPC is its speed of deployment. PPC gets your website listed on search engines as soon as you sign up for it, while SEO requires several months in order to achieve similar results.


You want to be Number #1 !
Even if you are number one in the organic listings, you might end up low down on the page, rank below the sponsored links. PPC can guarantee that your website comes out on top – on the first page and rank #1 on the top ! (as long as you have the budget to pay it)


You want to target more audience
Compared to SEO, PPC has the scope to target more less popular keywords (we called them long-tail keywords) compared to SEO, which translates into a high ROI as a result of reaching a larger receptive audience looking for your products and services.

How about combination of SEO and PPC  ?


One can strengthen the other
Our experienced team will run a PPC campaign prior to the SEO, We’ll put these test results to good use, taking our findings from your PPC campaign and applying them to your SEO campaign.


Get the competitive edge
You may need to run PPC because even if you rank number #1 organically, your competitor scan still rank higher than you by simply placing a PPC ad. So for certain keywords in the certain period, you may need to deploy PPC in order to stay in the competitive edge.


1 +1 > 2 !
With PPC and SEO, the key is knowing when to emphasise one over the other, or when to use one strategy to support the other. At the end of the day, internet marketing is a numbers game – the more targeted traffic you can get to your website, the more you will convert, and ultimately, the more money you’ll make.


As SEO and PPC experts, we believe that time spent on both SEO and PPC is time well spent. An example of possible dovetailing is when, after an SEO process has been completed, your competitors embark on the same process and ousts you in terms of your organic ranking – if you still have your PPC ad campaign running, you can easily mitigate the effect of this on your traffic. If you rank well organically and you run a PPC campaign, you have more real estate on a search engine’s results pages. This means you are twice as likely to be clicked on by users.


When you combine the powers of SEO and the powers of PPC, your site stands to benefit hugely. Choosing a superpower like us will ensure that your company implements a strategy that’s beyond compare.