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Malaysia SEO FAQ

1. Who are you actually ?

We are a group of combined SEO experts and Qualified Google Adwords individual/company.  We form an alliances to share knowledge and experiences for the benefits of all. Our team member are from Maximus, Nuweb , Ericanfly  and few others that preferred not to disclose their names.



2. I don’t see any clients list or client portfolio in this website, why ?

Due to the fact that each group member serve their own clients, we think it is up to each group member to decide which client portfolio want to show to you, if you are interested, just email us and someone from our group will contact you and discuss further.



3.  In your about page , You say you have clients rank higher than  big portal like autoworld, jobdb etc..  is it real ?

Yes, just search “job” in,  there are not many private website rank on 1st page and rank higher than and ; Similarly, just search “used car”, there are only few website rank higher than I think you should almost know which website it is. If you are interested to know further,  please tell us what you want and email us, we will pass it to the right group member (who optimized for the above keywords) to discuss with you.



4. What is your price / package looks like ?

Honestly speaking, we don’t have a fixed price because of our group member consists of SEO individual, small companies and few well-known Search Engines marketing companies. But we can tell you that our range is from RM 2,500/year  to RM 8,000/year . It actually depends on the keywords, the SEO company you want to deal with and of course, your budget.



5. Are all SEO services companies in the market using the same method to optimize a website ?

Not really, some of them are using” black hat” and/or spamming method to do SEO for your website, this will put your website in high risk where Google may ban your website for using such “black hat”/spamming method.  Don’t be surprised, there are few Malaysia SEO freelancers was banned by Google.

In fact, there are still few SEO companies who are using the blackhat /spamming method to do SEO. As a pioneer and market leader in Malaysia, we follow strictly on Google webmaster guidelines.