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Google force to do SEO locally ?

Is Google Forcing use of localize Google ?

Two days ago, when I went to, it redirected me to Fine. I know sometimes I have cleaned the cache and Google can’t remember my favorites way. Then I just click the bottom right link to, but it fail, it still redirect me to forcing

I was thinking it may be a bug while Google was changing the algo, especially the recent Google Penguin update. So I decided to observe few days and see. But until today, When I go and click again, it still redirect me to


I went to search in forums , such as here and here . People are making noise and complaints. Seems this is not only happen in Malaysia, but also in other countries. People are forced to re-direct back to his own country localize Google.


Is this affect SEO ? From my point of view, now local SEO providers have the stronger excuse to urge the clients to target local market, as the is not reachable (although we still can access by typing , but not many people know ) . Target on will be less important, as every people in their own country will be forced to re-direct to his own local google.


But does it mean that we have to give up ? Of course not. My opinion is, ranking in is a “status” to proof that your website reach the “international qualification” on Google search queries. As we know that is the “mother” of all local googles, it means that ranking on will be much harder ranking on . And generally if a website rank on top 10 in, most of the time it also rank top 20 in other local Google such as , and etc..


So my conclusion is , unless you are content on serving local market, then don’t bother this changes made.

Update 21/jun/12 : Seems Google has heard the complain and change back to normal setting, now click “” at the right bottom of can bring back to

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