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How To Edit Status Post in Facebook?

FACEBOOK finally allow user to edit status

Previously, facebook only allow edit the comments but not in the post (status), but now, Facebook allow to do so.


For mobile version it has been allowed to do so since 27-Sept-2013


with this new capability, users now can correct spelling and grammatical errors, means posts can be modified, and their content changed.


Some people may worry on the changes, for example , if a person post a status ” I like cat” , and then a follower post a reply : “me too”. and then the person edit the status to “I hate cat”, then obviously it will misleading the visitors think that the follower hate the cat too.


But to me, it is still traceable, because facebook has introduce the “edited” link and you can still check back what is the original post. (see below screen ). If you are still not satisfied, you can always capture the screen of what people said.





The only things is , you still need to spend time to clarify that what you mean is not what the status mean if the people question you :)

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Not SEO related…..

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