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“Let’s face it. The business competition is fierce. Every corporations is looking for more businesses,  more sales and more profits. 


After the financial crisis in 2008, Malaysia is slowly recover. However we all know that the economy prospect is still unclear. According to a survey report on economic situation of Malaysia  2011 from Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM), there is some facts to highlight :


1. Almost one third (31%) of the respondents revealed that their innovation activities are mainly enhancement of quality of the products and services, and pay little attention to the intangibles such as design, packaging and branding (<10%).


2.  Almost half of the respondents (46%) do not have company website and 64% of the respondents NOT using social network such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Although the above survey is only cater for Chinese members, but it reflects that the Malaysian Chinese businessmen ,  is still “under developed” compare to Singapore, Taiwan or Hong Kong.


Business is like war.  IF you only do marketing for your business with flyers/newspaper,  can you fight with a competitor who do marketing with Google  which serve 600,000,000 people a day ?


Yes. Now you see the power of Google,  the search engine king.


Search Engine market

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Ask yourself , if you want to search a product, or a supplier , or a service provider, will you prefer to get from the heavy and thick Yellow Pages or straight away go to search online ?  I bet you will search online, right ? Now, what happen if your website appear on #1 page of Search Result ? You will get higher chance to get noticed by the visitors compare to those appear on #2 or #3 pages, right ?


The technique to make your website appear on Google is called Search Engine Marketing. There is 2 type of Search Engne Marketing, one is called Pay-per-click (PPC), another is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The comparison of PPC and SEO is here.  Basically, if you have bigger budget and want fast result, then go for PPC.   if you have less budget and can wait for few months before the result is showed, then go fo SEO.  Of course, if you have greater budget, you can do PPC + SEO on the different time period.


Now, please take a little time to read who works behind , you will be surprised to know that our client’s website are rank higher than local banks, big portal or even government websites. ;)